ANNE in English

ANNE in English

For those families that prefer to have the diagnosis and treatment of their child provided in English, ANNE Fundació counts with professionals in psychology, psychopedagogy and language and speech therapy who are native English speakers.

Meeting the needs of both expatriate families living in Barcelona and local families whose children are educated in English, ANNE IN ENGLISH offers psycho-educational assessment for English speaking children aged 4-18.

ANNE IN ENGLISH maintains the same focus as our institution overall: to promote and facilitate the healthy development of children and families, coordinating and collaborating with educators and specialists.


The ANNE IN ENGLISH team will work with your child to identify and treat:

– Learning Disabilities and Differences

– Dyslexia

– Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD and ADHD)

– Developmental Disorders

– Expressive/Receptive Language Problems

– Memory and Organizational Problems

– Social/Emotional/Regulatory and Relationship Difficulties

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