The Foundation

ANNE Fundació

Founded in 1987, Anne Fundació started its activities the following year with the sole purpose of delivering a key social function: treating young people from birth to 18 years suffering from any neurological or psychological difficulty that interferes with their normal and healthy development.

Since its inception, ANNE Fundació’s primary objective has been the same: to offer early detection, clear diagnoses, treatment and follow-up to children and their families where neurological or psychological difficulties appear in the first years of life or during childhood.

Since then, and for over 30 years, ANNE Fundació has developed a number of clinical activities to provide comprehensive care to the child and the family. Throughout these years, more than 6.000 families and entities have relied on our experience in the treatment of psychological and neurological problems of their children and members.

The values that ​​since 1987 have led our organization are:

Wide range of specialities

Diagnosis and Treatment

Multidisciplinary Team

New Facilities

For appointments and more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

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